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Dana World-Patterson, in the capacity of President/CEO of Visions Etiquette Training and Image Consulting, with an entrepreneurial spirit, has devoted the past twenty years in developing a business model representative of excellence, style and finesse. As a gifted mentor and trainer, she recognized the crucial need to impact and influence the lives of young people early in life, and began by helping them to develop skills in the areas of communication and social interaction. Her philosophy is the development of visual poise, social graces and effective communication skills assist youth and adults to achieve their goals and dreams in today’s more dynamic and complex society.  
Dana is also a wife, mom, assistant pastor, wedding planner and writer.  She authored the book, Tips for a Fantastic Wedding: When You Have Just a Little Time and Money and a weekly column, Be Well Balanced with Dana World-Patterson. Additionally, community involvement is important to Dana and she has received several awards for her dedication to community and her passion for etiquette and seeing individuals be their best. 
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